Phosphite containing fertilizers and seed primers on exposure

Phosphite containing fertilizers and seed primers on exposure to fire will produce phosphine gas which is deadly poison


Dr. Behzad khosropanah, Research Scientist in Agriculture & fertilizer industry, Canada

There are some social irresponsible companies which are making phosphite containing seed primers and fertilizers, as the phosphites are considered carcinogen in state of California, it makes sense to be cautious of using phosphites containing  primers, these days we see the cancer raise in Canada, as a responsible member of society is our duty not to use such products in the agricultural chemicals and fertilizers, recently the European union has set MRL(maximum residue level) of 2 ppm for dry fruit phosphite content.Health authorities like CFIA should monitor and test all products except some mixed farm fertilizers used in agricultural sector, to safe guard the health risks associated with such products in market place to prevent possible risk if any associated with such products.Many phosphite containing fertilizers and seed primers sold in Canada are not registered with health authorities.On exposure to heat these fertilizers and seed primers will produce phosphine gas which are deadly poison and farmers and users of such products should be aware of what they are using, Health Canada as a regulating body should control such products in Canada and inform the farmers. Kinetics and metabolism Inhaled phosphine is absorbed rapidly from the lungs and distributed round the body  Inhaled or ingested zinc, aluminium and magnesium phosphides release phosphine into the respiratory tract and stomach; zinc phosphide can be absorbed intact from the gut  Dermal absorption of phosphine or phosphides is not considered a significant route of exposure  The majority of absorbed phosphine is excreted in exhaled air; minor amounts are metabolised and excreted in urine as hypophosphite and phosphate Health effects of acute exposure  Phosphine is acutely toxic; exposure to high levels cause immediate effects  Early symptoms of acute phosphine or phosphide exposure are non-specific and include respiratory problems, cough, headaches, dizziness, numbness, general fatigue and gastrointestinal disturbance (pain, nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea)  Effects of exposure to higher levels of phosphine, the onset of which may be delayed by several days or more, include pulmonary oedema, convulsions, damage to the kidney, liver and heart, and death.

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